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Close to Williamsburg, Langley A.F.B and Fort Eustis.

 Action Arts Academy, USA is a family owned academy, led by certified and highly trained instructors where we provide Taekwondo Training. It is the universal martial art of self-defense developed in Korea from more than 2000 years ago which emphasizes on foot and leg techniques. Taekwondo is a sport in the Olympics. “World Taekwondo Federation” the world’s largest martial arts federation with over 50 million members.

What is Taekwondo and how is it different from other martial arts?

The martial arts were developed thousands of years ago as forms of self-defense. Karate originated in Japan, whereas Kung-Fu was developed in China, and Taekwondo is native to Korea. Taekwondo places more emphasis on kicks than any other martial arts, making it ideal for improving your balance, flexibility, and endurance. 

How safe is it to learn Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is safe and fun for students of all ages and physical abilities. Training is provided by expert instructors where students are shown techniques in a step-by-step process that moves at their own pace. A thorough stretching routine and protective safety equipment are all part of our commitment to ensuring student safety. It is a full-contact sport in the Olympic Games where participants wear full body armor for protection. 

Benefits of Taekwondo

Physical benefits – Taekwondo offers optimum long term fitness training for life. You become flexible, helps to increase the energy, and be stronger than ever; plus, you learn self-defense techniques. 

Mental health benefits

Taekwondo helps to build your inner strength and become a more powerful and confident individual by creating and setting personal goals, which will help you to increase your self-respect and confidence and helps you to lead a productive life. 

Achievements are often merely the accumulation of several smaller goals or steps. Developing the habit of goal setting is proven to be a teachable skill in the appropriate environment. Our motivation increases with every positive experience, action, and accomplishment, creating what we call “the winning habit” philosophy. The five tenets of taekwondo are: 

  • Courtesy – Respect for others and respect for authority and manners.
  • Integrity – Dependability, good judgment, and do the right thing.   
  • Perseverance – Whatever it takes, continue to reach for your goals. 
  • Self-control – Having the strength to do what is right in spite of the conditions around you. 
  • Indomitable spirit – Having unconquerable Courage and the inability to accept surrender.

Taekwondo helps you achieve good grades in school, success in your job, develop social relationships and be positive in your life.

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