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The Combat Hapkido Program at Action Arts Academy USA Combat Hapkido (“The Science of Self Defense”) is an extremely realistic and versatile discipline/system of self protection that includes an extensive variety of "break-away" techniques, strikes, joint locks, pressure points, ground survival, and weapons disarming techniques.

 The result is a practical, comprehensive self defense system that is enjoyable to learn and is truly effective in realistic situations. Our Combat Hapkido program is taught with its own curriculum in separate classes from our Taekwondo program. In a manner similar to our Taekwondo program, ranks (or belts) in the Combat Hapkido program start at White Belt and progress up to First Degree Black Belt (and higher). At Action Arts Academy USA, you can choose to train in just the Taekwondo program, or just the Combat Hapkido program, or you can study both and earn ranks in both martial arts… The choice is yours and depends on your training goals.

Our Combat Hapkido program follows the International Combat Hapkido Federation, of which our school is a Charter Member. Instructor Boyd is also holds a Certified Instructor rating from the International Police Defensive Tactics Institute (IPDTI) and can offer training courses in this area. He also holds Certificates in the Combat Hapkido Ground Survival program and the Combat Hapkido Tactical Pressure Points program. 

Here is a You Tube video of Grandmaster Pellegrini and Master Rivas demonstrating Combat Hapkido: (link broken, need another from customer)


What is Combat Hapkido?

Combat Hapkido is an extremely realistic and versatile system of self protection/defense which

includes topics such as joint locks, pressure points, weapon disarming, ground survival, break-away techniques, take-down techniques, etc. The system is designed to be is practical, comprehensive, contemporary, enjoyable to learn, and effective in realistic situations.

Action Arts Academy USA is Chartered with the International Combat Hapkido Federation.

Combat Hapkido at Action Arts Academy USA Schedule

Combat Hapkido: “ The Science of Self-Defense

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Doug Boyd

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email: d.d.boyd@cox.net

 Available Classes: York County: 3 classes/week (Mon, Thu, Sat)